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From Leads to Deals:
AI Sales Funnel Automation

Hate cold outreach? Let PipeLime automatically collect real-time leads and drive them through the sales funnel.

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Could it be more simple?

How It Works

End-to-end sales funnel automation, from lead generation to conversion. Maximize your sales power and drive revenue growth.


AI Lead Generation

Set up a new campaign and get a continuous flow of high-quality leads in your PipeLime inbox.


AI Sales Automation

Let PipeLime drive your leads through the sales funnel and provide you with lots of clients ready to buy your product or service.



Turn leads into deals easily, taking them directly from the final stage of the sales funnel.


AI Lead Generation

With the precision of a professional team and the ability to operate at any scale, our AI Lead Generator is here to supercharge your sales pipeline with high-quality leads.

ai lead generation

Verified contact details

Say goodbye to spam once and for all! We verify every lead's email so you can reach the main inbox.

Highly nurtured leads

Ready for a deeper understanding of your leads? Learn more with our AI-Generated lead company summary.

Real-time leads

PipeLime's AI works 24/7 at any scale to fulfill your business needs. Need more leads? Just ask.

Target decision makers

Struggling to pinpoint decision-makers? Our AI analyzes every employee so you can get with the right person.

AI + Automation = More Sales!

AI Sales Automation

With personalized precision and unlimited scalability, PipeLime guides your leads through the sales funnel, and provides you with lots of clients ready to buy your product or service.

ai lead generation
Complete AI Sales Funnel Automation
Always reach the Main inbox
Perfect timing response
Personalized email outreach
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More outbound leads


More meetings


More conversions


More deliverability


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