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Published a minute agoSales Automation

Overcoming sales objections: 5 proven strategies for winning deals

Effectively address objections, build rapport with prospects, and win more deals for your business.

Published 7 days agoSales Automation

5 strategies to increase low-ticket sales

Unlock new opportunities and drive business growth

Published 16 days agoPersonalized outreach

Pros & Cons of cold emails in the B2B industry

Tips to determine if it's the right strategy for your business

Published 22 days agoLead Generation

Cold Email Checklist You Must Follow

A Comprehensive Guide to Ensure Your Cold Emails Leave a Strong Impression

Published a month agoSales Automation

How to answer a sales email using Chat GPT

Increase your conversion rates and save valuable time

Published a month agoSales Automation

Most Important Metrics in Cold Email

Key Performance Indicators to Track for Successful Cold Email Campaigns

Published a month agoLead Generation

5 tips to generate leads for marketing agencies

More and better leads to support your marketing agency growth

Published 2 months agoCustomized outreach

How to Write a Good Cold Email

Crafting compelling cold emails to get a high answers rate

Published 2 months agoPersonalized outreach

How to write cold emails using Chat GPT? (10 prompts inside)

If you are not using AI to sell more, you are falling behind. Catch up with this 4 minute read blog

Published 2 months agoPersonalized outreach

Best practices to improve your email deliverability in 2024

10 tips you must do to avoid spam filters in your marketing campaigns and cold outreach emails.

Published 3 months agoLead Generation

How to target the right decision-makers in a company.

Stop wasting time and money contacting the wrong people, and skyrocket your response rates by accurately selecting key decision-makers.

Published 3 months agoPersonalized outreach

How to Avoid Spam

Practical example with 7 Common Errors That Land Your Emails in Spam and How to Avoid Them

Published 3 months agoPersonalized outreach

8 Ideas to write emails that get responses

Think outside the box, get answers from your cold emails and drive more sales

Published 3 months agoArtificial Intelligence

How to effectively use highly nurtured leads

The value of information in a highly nurtured lead is directly tied to the salesperson's ability to utilize it.

Published 3 months agoScheduling

Get started with Calendly

Automatically schedule online meetings, phone calls, and demos, directly into your calendar

Published 3 months agoLead Generation

How to get leads for your business

A comprehensive guide to generating high-quality leads and maximizing sales opportunities

Published 4 months agoPersonalized outreach

Cold email templates are dead

Embrace the Future with PipeLime's AI-Powered Personalization


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