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PipeLime: A better alternative to Lemlist

Real AI-powered personalization and end-to-end sales funnel automation

Pricing comparison:


PipeLime AI


Free Trial

200 Free Credits/mo

100 Free Credits - 14 days trial


$16/mo ➡️1,000 credits ➡️ $0.016/credit

$39/mo ➡️100 credits ➡️ $0.39/credit

Pro (5k credits)

$56/mo ➡️ $0.012/credit

$69/mo ➡️250 credits ➡️ $0.276/credit

Pro (20k credits)

$180/mo ➡️ $0.009/credit

$99/mo ➡️500 credits ➡️ $0.198/credit

Pro (50k credits)

$400/mo ➡️ $0.008/credit

$159/mo ➡️1,000 credits ➡️ $0.159/credit

Pro (100k credits)

$720/mo ➡️ $0.0072/credit

❌ Contact sales ➡️ + $0.14/credit

PipeLime does not only offer significantly more credits at half the price per credit, but also generates them automatically in real-time with artificial intelligence, seamlessly identifying decision-makers and crafting a personalized company summary for every lead. ✅

With Lemlist, users collect leads from a database that often decays (they get old). This occurs when the information associated with leads becomes obsolete due to changes in contact details, job roles, or other factors that affect their qualification as potential customers. ❌

Features comparison:


PipeLime AI


Lead Generation

Automatically generated by AI in real time

Generated manually from a database

Decision-makers targeting

Automatically powered by AI ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

AI-Generated company summary

Automatically powered by AI ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

Email verification

Included in all plans ✅

Included in all plans ✅

Email warmup

Included in all plans ✅

Available but limited ⛔

Email rotation

Included in all plans ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

Personalized outreach

Automatically powered by AI ✅

Only personalized cold email templates ⛔

AI Sales Funnel Automation

Automatically powered by AI ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

24/7 support

Included in all plans ✅

Included in all plans ✅

7 features to choose PipeLime over Lemlist

  1. Automatic Lead Generation: PipeLime automatically navigates through platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and more, collecting leads that match your campaign criteria. And it does it at any scale!

  2. Decision-makers targeting: Understanding that not every contact is the right decision-maker, PipeLime customizes its selection based on the specific product or service you aim to sell. This tailored approach ensures that your outreach consistently reaches individuals who hold decision-making authority related to your offerings.

  3. AI-Generated Company summary: PipeLime reads websites and social media platforms and writes a company summary for every lead. In Lemlist there are just isolated data points that most of the time are not used.

  4. Email warmup: By warming up your email account, PipeLime improves deliverability rates and ensures that your emails reach recipients' inboxes rather than being flagged as spam.

  5. Email rotation: Pipelime boasts an unlimited capacity to add new senders, which are automatically and smartly rotated to avoid spam filters and increase deliverability.

  6. Personalized outreach: Instead of writing cold email templates that often get ignored, PipeLime's AI Salesman uses the company summary to write a personalized email to every lead, with engaging messages that truly resonate with each potential client.

  7. AI Sales Funnel Automation: PipeLime follows up efficiently with each prospect and provides you with potential clients ready to buy your product or service. With Lemlist you need to work manually on each lead.

3 reasons to choose PipeLime over Lemlist

If paying half the price per credit, automating the sales funnel, and including the most powerful AI-powered features in the industry are not enough reasons, let's do a quick overview from a results-oriented perspective.

- Higher open rates

Our AI-powered personalized outreach means that there is no email equal to another, avoiding spam filters with extreme efficiency, and always reaching the main inbox.

- Higher response rates

Unlike traditional cold emails, our AI Salesman writes personalized messages that truly resonate with each potential client, significantly increasing the response rate.

- Automation at scale: More meetings, phone calls, and demos.

Our AI Salesman writes a personalized email to each lead and does regular follow-ups on every one of them. Whether they respond or not, he continues working on every potential client following the sales strategy. And every time he (you) gets a response, he replies back with perfect timing. Unlike traditional salesmen, our AI Salesman is 24/7 online.

Unlimited scalability: The AI Salesman is a top performer no matter the quantity. Whether it's working with 1,000 leads or 150,000, he will outperfom any other salesperson or tool.

Final conclusion

While Lemlist could have been a good enough alternative for some time, the immense power of applying artificial intelligence to all the stages of the sales funnel makes PipeLime AI the absolute winner.

It's practically like having a professional team of dozens of lead generators and salesmen working 24/7 for you. Just set it up and see lots of meetings, phone calls and demos flow into your PipeLime calendar.


Ready to elevate your sales game?