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Multiple tools to boost deliverability

Email warmup, Email Rotation, Custom Domains, Anti-spam Strategies

In today's competitive digital landscape, achieving optimal email deliverability is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. With Pipelime's revolutionary Smart Delivery feature, businesses can now harness the power of multiple tools to ensure their emails reach their intended recipients seamlessly and effectively.

Email Warmup for improved account reputation

Email warmup is the process of gradually increasing the volume of emails sent from a new or inactive email account over a period of time. This helps establish a positive reputation with email service providers (ESPs) and internet service providers (ISPs) by demonstrating consistent and legitimate email sending behavior. Additionally, email warmup involves engaging in interactions such as replying to emails, marking messages as important, and gradually building trust with recipients. By warming up an email account, you can improve deliverability rates and ensure that your emails reach recipients' inboxes rather than being flagged as spam.

Email Rotation for optimized sender reputation

Pipelime boasts an unlimited capacity to add new senders, which are automatically and smartly rotated to avoid spam filters and increase deliverability. By continually refreshing sender identities, Pipelime ensures that emails are delivered from a diverse pool of addresses, mitigating the risk of being flagged as spam and maximizing the chances of reaching the inbox.

Custom Domains for enhanced reputation

Utilizing a custom tracking domain offers several advantages, including enhanced email deliverability and improved brand consistency. Instead of sharing Pipelime's domain, a custom tracking domain is solely dedicated to tracking the activity of your emails, such as opens and clicks. This exclusivity ensures that your email reputation is not affected by the actions of other users, thereby boosting your deliverability rates.

Smart strategies to avoid anti-spam filters

While all the aforementioned features contribute to avoiding anti-spam filters, Pipelime takes it a step further with personalized email subjects and content. By refraining from writing traditional cold email templates and crafting unique messages for each recipient, Pipelime ensures that emails stand out in crowded inboxes, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.


In today's digital age, achieving maximum email deliverability is no longer a lofty goal but a critical necessity. With Pipelime's Smart Delivery features, businesses can elevate their email marketing efforts and unlock unparalleled success in reaching their target audience.


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