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PipeLime: A better alternative to Snov.io

Get more and better leads, for less money, and with AI-powered sales funnel automation

Pricing comparison:


PipeLime AI


Free trial

200 Free credits

50 Free credits

Starter (1,000 credits)

$16/mo ➡️ $0.016/credit

$30 ➡️ $0.030/credit

Pro (5k credits)

$56/mo ➡️ $0.012/credit

$75/mo ➡️ $0.015/credit

Pro (20k credits)

$180/mo ➡️ $0.009/credit

$142/mo ➡️ $0.0071/credit

Pro (50k credits)

$400/mo ➡️ $0.008/credit

$277/mo ➡️ $0.00554/credit

Pro (100k credits)

$720/mo ➡️ $0.0072/credit

$554/mo ➡️ $0.00554/credit

PipeLime charges only 1 credit per lead generation and 1 credit per lead AI sales automation, while Snov.io charges credits for more than 10 different actions, like opening company profiles or repeating the same search.

Features comparison:


PipeLime AI


Decision-maker targeting

Included in all plans ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

Email verification

Included in all plans ✅

Included in all plans ✅

AI-Generated Company summary

Included in all plans ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

Email warmup

Included in all plans ✅

Only included in Pro plans ⛔

Email rotation

Included in all plans ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

Personalized outreach

Included in all plans ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

AI Sales Funnel Automation

Included in all plans ✅

Not available in any plan ❌

24/7 support

Included in all plans ✅

Only available in paid plans ⛔

6 features to choose PipeLime over Snov.io

  1. Decision-makers targeting: Understanding that not every contact is the right decision-maker, PipeLime customizes its selection based on the specific product or service you aim to sell. This tailored approach ensures that your outreach consistently reaches individuals who hold decision-making authority related to your offerings.

  2. AI-Generated Company summary: PipeLime reads websites and social media platforms and writes a company summary for every lead.

  3. Email warmup: By warming up your email account, PipeLime improves deliverability rates and ensures that your emails reach recipients' inboxes rather than being flagged as spam.

  4. Email rotation: Pipelime boasts an unlimited capacity to add new senders, which are automatically and smartly rotated to avoid spam filters and increase deliverability.

  5. Personalized outreach: Instead of writing cold email templates that often get ignored, PipeLime's AI Salesman uses the company summary to write a personalized email to every lead, with engaging messages that truly resonate with each potential client.

  6. AI Sales Funnel Automation: PipeLime follows up efficiently with each prospect and provides you with potential clients ready to buy your product or service. With Snov.io you need to work manually on each lead.

3 reasons to choose PipeLime over Snov.io

If getting twice as more leads for the same price, and including the most powerful AI-powered features in the industry are not enough reasons, let's do a quick overview from a results-oriented perspective.

- Higher open rates

Our AI-powered personalized outreach means that there is no email equal to another, avoiding spam filters with extreme efficiency, and always reaching the main inbox.

- Higher response rates

Unlike traditional cold emails, our AI Salesman writes personalized messages that truly resonate with each potential client, significantly increasing the response rate.

- Automation at scale: More meetings, phone calls, and demos.

Our AI Salesman writes a personalized email to each lead and does regular follow-ups on every one of them. Whether they respond or not, he continues working on every potential client following the sales strategy. And every time he (you) gets a response, he replies back with perfect timing. Unlike traditional salesmen, our AI Salesman is 24/7 online.

Unlimited scalability: The AI Salesman is a top performer no matter the quantity. Whether it's working with 1,000 leads or 150,000, he will outperfom any other salesperson or tool.

Final conclusion

While Snov.io could have been a good enough alternative for some time, the immense power of artificial intelligence makes PipeLime AI the absolute winner.

It's practically like having a professional team of dozens of lead generators and salesmen working 24/7 for you. Just set it up and see lots of meetings, phone calls and demos flow into your PipeLime calendar.


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